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  • Dr. Blake Baggett

What We Learned From The Sad Story of Masha And Dasha

In 1950, conjoined twins were born in Soviet Russia. Their mother was told they died shortly after delivery but were secretly taken to be studied and ultimately tortured by Soviet physiologist Pyotr Anokhin. The twins were named Masha and Dasha. They were conjoined at the waist at a 180-degree angle. Each had control of one arm and one leg and shared many of the same organs including the circulatory system. The most interesting finding, though, was that they did not share a nervous system. Masha and Dasha had separate and distinct spine and nervous system’s and therefore developed individual personalities and characteristics. Those that were close to the twins stated their personalities were polar opposites.

This uniqueness is what also led researchers and scientists to test and torture the twins. Researchers would poke and prod one twin to measure the reaction of the other twin. It didn’t stop there. One twin would be deprived of sleep or food, electrocuted, burned, or thrown into ice all to measure how much influence one twin had on the other twin. Luckily, the laboratory experiments stopped shortly after their childhood.

As depressing as it is to hear a sad story such as this, an important lesson was learned from all the experiments on Masha and Dasha. Since they each shared a circulatory system, it was assumed any germ flowing through their blood would cause them to both be sick. However, it was soon discovered that while one twin would contract the flu or measles it wouldn’t always infect the other twin. How was this possible? This was ground breaking because up until this point everyone thought the immune system functioned interdependently of the nervous system. Through these experiments, scientists learned the immune system was under direct control of the nervous system.

Chiropractic directly influences the function of the nervous system by identifying and correcting areas of nerve interference. Once these areas are corrected, anything under control of the nervous system (which is every aspect of the body) can see improvement. This even includes the immune system. We see people every week report of immune function improvement. Specifically, less colds/flu, reduced allergies, and even improvement in autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Is your immune system suffering because of problems with your nervous system? Give us a call for a complimentary nerve assessment to find out!



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