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Dr. Blake graduated from Life University in 2016 Summa Cum Laude. One year later, he and his wife, Taylor, founded their practice with a passion to serve the community that they grew up in. Since that time, over 3,000 cases have found hope through the unique approach that cannot be found anywhere else in the state.

Our approach is different from the traditional treatment you might be familiar with. We are experts in Bio-Structural Restoration and our comprehensive examination is focused on identifying core problems that may be affecting you in ways you notice or feel, but more importantly, in ways that you likely have no idea about.

Curious how we can help you?

Reach out to our team today! We would be happy to chat and learn more about your situation!

Let’s Work Together

917 McFarland Blvd

Northport, AL 35476

Tel: (205) 523-4651

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