Infants and Chiropractic

The birthing process is not only tough on mom but on the newborn as well. In most cases the newborn is put under immense pressure and must be pulled on or twisted before finally exiting the birth canal. Many times, forceps and/or vacuum extraction tools are used which increases the stress to the baby’s head and neck. At this point in the child’s life, he or she cannot use muscles to properly protect the neck from this extreme stress. This stress can lead to small misalignments in the spine and irritation of the infant’s nervous system which can result in many newborn health complaints such as ear infections, colic, breastfeeding difficulties, digestive issues, and constipation.


Many parents also fear their child will receive the same adjustment that an adult would which is not the case. As a modern, pediatric chiropractic office, a gentle technique is used that is specific to the size and weight of the child. In our office, our goal is to educate you so that you make an informed decision about your child’s health before any treatment is given.

Pediatric Chiropractor