Staying Healthy

Luke's Story

Dr. Blake is not only a very caring and professional Doctor, but he has a true desire and drive to help his patients in whatever way he can. Dr. Blake has spent years researching and learning about techniques that use advanced technology to truly pinpoint the source of a patient’s health concerns. This gives him the ability and knowledge to help fix the problem with better accuracy and better results. He is not only well informed himself, but takes the time to make sure his patients are as well. I was under Dr. Blake’s care for over a year and not only did he improve my shoulder tightness, back pain, and headaches, but he also helped me stay active and healthy. I really appreciated his willingness to not only know where to adjust, but also when to adjust so that my body could continue to heal and function how it’s supposed to. I would highly recommend anyone that is interested in improving or maintaining their health to check out Dr. Blake and the great team at Anchored Chiropractic. I am confident that, like me, you will have no regrets!

Back Pain

Evonny's Story

I had the opportunity of being under the care of Dr. Blake. Being new to chiropractic I was unsure and must admit a little afraid in the beginning. After just a short conversation with Dr. Blake I had a different outlook on chiropractic and  after a couple of adjustments I had a different outlook on life! Shortly after the beginning of care I noticed the aches in my back were minimizing, then shortly after that I noticed my anxiety was no longer my shadow. I looked forward to getting adjusted and it became my relief! He is a passionate, professional, and knowledgeable chiropractor! 

Sports Performance

Norris' Story

Looking back, it seems amazing with all the sports I played and injuries I had that I never used a Chiropractor growing up. It was not until later in my athletic career, in college, that I discovered chiropractic and with my first adjustment I knew it would be an integral part of my health repertoire. After getting under regular chiropractic care I quickly noticed not only how much better I felt day to day, but I noticed I was getting injured less, I recovered faster, and I even noticed my sports performance and strength increase. Now if I feel my back come out of alignment or even think it may be, instead of waiting to see if it will pass I know from trial and error that it is always best to just go get checked by my chiropractor. Fixing the problem at the source is obviously the most logical thing to do, but unfortunately many people either don’t know what the problem is, or who can fix it. I recommend to all my friends and family, even if they feel 100% healthy to go get checked by a good chiropractor, they are very different from your medical doctor, they look at your

body as a whole, not just one symptom or part and they have a natural solution to any problems they find, not just another pill or potion. Go get checked today!.

Less Sickness

Andrew's Story

I have been under chiropractic care since I was a newborn. Thankfully, being proactive with my health has been amazingly beneficial. I'm grateful to have enjoyed a life with less sickness, pain and dysfunction as compared to my peers. I really appreciate Dr. Blake's approach to chiropractic though. He is genuine and caring, and his analysis is very specific so he can make his care personalized to your needs. I would definitely recommend visiting Dr. Blake at Anchored Chiropractic to see how he can help you and your family!

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Staying Active

Logan's Story

Chiropractic has truly helped me. When I started under care, my neck was misaligned and my hips were not level. Now my hips are level and my neck has a new range of motion. I am able to be active and go to the gym! My running and walking stride has changed because my hips are corrected! Chiropractic care has really helped me to be able to function normally and I am so thankful!

Reduced Migraines and Anxiety

Lindsey's Story

Before meeting Dr. Blake, I was a bit skeptical and afraid of chiropractors. The thought of popping and twisting, that I thought had to be involved in chiropractic care, was a bit unnerving. After meeting him and Taylor for my initial appointment and care plan, I was immediately relieved. Now, I have been under the care of Dr. Blake for a few months. I had suffered with weekly to bi-weekly migraines and almost daily headaches for over 10 years, but within a couple of adjustments from Dr. Blake, my migraines and headaches have been reduced to almost nothing. I no longer have to worry about wasted days unable to do or accomplish anything. I have been able to enjoy more time with my family and daughter. Along with my headaches, I also had issues with my lower back, which has been greatly helped. And I love that my anxiety has also been reduced. I never thought I’d see the day where my anxiety attacks were slim to none without medication, but I have seen it! I also love that he genuinely cares about his patients, listens to me when I have concerns, and explains things so that I understand what is happening.

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No More Pain!

Barry's Story

In 1992 I had a construction related accident where I fell from a two story dwelling. Luckily I was fortunate enough to land on my feet.  Sustaining only what appeared to be minor injuries. 

Around 1995 or so I remember having back discomfort which eventually began radiating down both legs, especially when I would try to walk on hard surfaces. Over the years the discomfort found its way into pain, where I would have to either sit or squat in order to get relief. 

I spoke with two doctors and an orthopedic surgeon. They all suggested surgery. One said that due to the close proximity of the nerves and where my issues were, that was the only way this could be corrected. I remember asking that surgeon if they thought a chiropractor could possibly correct the problems in my lower back. They said “maybe”... BUT! There is a chance those nerves in you lower back could be damaged and I could lose feeling in my feet or toes... OR! You could be paralyzed! 

Well I didn’t want to be paralyzed and I didn’t want back surgery. So I did what I thought was best “nothing” but take ibuprofen or the likes just to knock the edge off. 

Over time it had progressively got worse. Going to the mall had resulted in me letting my wife out at the door and picking her up when she was finished. Walking for exercise or leisure was pretty much out as well. I couldn’t see myself doing anything for any length of time that required a lot of sustained walking or standing. 

This deteriorated to the point of me telling my wife I have to get some relief. If that meant surgery then so be it. 

A couple days later my wife came in from work and told me about this chiropractor that came to her place of work and spoke with her and her coworkers. She said he brought this instrument and scanned their backs and spoke of new technology and treatment methods. I’d never heard of anything like this pertaining to a chiropractor. 


So we made an appointment with Dr. Blake!


At the time of this testimonial I have only had nine appointments with Dr. Blake. After the second adjustment I was able to work in the yard pretty much all day without having to stop every fifteen minutes to rest my back. I don’t dread being put in positions where I have to walk, climb stairs or even stand still for extended periods. A few more adjustments and I might even be able to sweep the floor. Just kidding. That ain’t happening. 

Thanks Dr. Blake.